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The Money Soap

Yellow Smiling Duck Money Soap - Each Bar Contains a Real US Bill - Up to $100

Yellow Smiling Duck Money Soap - Each Bar Contains a Real US Bill - Up to $100

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Introducing the Cute Duck Money Soap, an adorable and delightful gift option. Perfect for the Money Soap Challenge on TikTok, this duck-shaped soap surpasses our competitors by offering rewards of up to $100! The Real Cash Smiling Duck Money Soap is guaranteed to surprise and bring joy to everyone. Its cuteness factor is off the charts!

Inside this non-scented duck soap bar lies real cash money. It provides a gentle and soft clean, leaving you refreshed. As the soap gradually disappears, the money is revealed, varying from a $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, to even a $100 bill. With dimensions of 5 inches by 4 inches, it's a substantial and eye-catching item.

Crafted from vegetable-based glycerine soap and free from Parabens, this soap prioritizes quality and natural ingredients. The money is securely placed in a clear plastic baggie, ensuring it stays untouched by the soap. We want to emphasize that our intention is not to promote or endorse lotteries. Our soaps are designed as delightful gift items for fun occasions. There are no odds associated with obtaining the larger money bills. Each soap is randomly filled, though it's worth noting that the majority contain the one-dollar bill. However, every now and then, you might be fortunate enough to discover a five, ten, twenty, fifty, or even a one hundred dollar bill!

Don't miss the chance to explore our range of other fun money soaps. Experience the excitement and anticipation of finding real cash inside our adorable Cute Duck Money Soap!

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