Collection: Our Money Soaps

Our money soaps with real cash in them will surprise everyone. Check out our new Smiling Duck shaped soap with real cash in it. It's so cute and adorable and sure to deliver a soft clean finish. When you use our money soaps until they are gone, money is revealed in either a $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, or a $100 bill. How exciting is that? Great to use for the Money Soap Challenge on TicTok. While most of our competitors only offer up to $50 in their soaps, we offer up to $100. We do not support any lottery and do not consider our soaps playing the lottery. Our soaps are purchased as gift soaps for fun. There are no odds in getting the bigger money bills. All soaps are random. Although most soaps do get the one dollar bill in them, you will occasionally find a five, ten, twenty, fifty or even one hundred dollar bill.

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